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I don't know if I'm gonna update this page...
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So yeah, I added some major stuff to my portfolio because I got a tip from a friend that it would be a great benefit to my website and my name.

I hope ya'll can watch my work with open eyes and an open mind and +fav my shizzle.
Basically it's almost all the stuff I have on my website.

I just place all the sweet works here.
Some of the works, don't need to be placed here IMO, or you may disagree.

Thats's about it..

~ Mick
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Welcome to my DeviantArt-account!

I am the admin of the Graphics-site features more then 100 photoshop tutorials, templates, styles, wallpapers and much more.
But it's also the home of my own portfolio.

I draw, paint, webdesign and now I also do some photography.

I don't know if I'm good, but I'm just trying to extend my horizon and try out new things.

I love to create and make stuff and that's why I'm going to study GameDesign in september.

I really hope you enjoy my portfolio and if you haven't seen my site, please try...

Best Regards,